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RR Enduro 50 Factory

New RR Enduro 50 MY2012

A revolution in the 50 cc: new range and real bike feeling.

It is difficult to keep calling them just “fifties”. In fact, the displacement is the same, according to Highways Codes, but all the rest underwent to a true revolution. The new Beta 50 cc has a completely renewed design, as well as technical features and finishing, which makes it closer to a motor than to a motorbike. A real cure based on hormones that of Tuscan technicians, who heavily intervened on geometry, chassis and finishing. The result is an excellent mix of manoeuvrability, stability, great feeling when driving and a gorgeous look. With a wide and diverse range, it presents a series of models suitable for any requirements and wallets. Premium and Entry Level versions join both classic versions - Enduro and Supermotard, featured by precious finishing and accurate performances. RR Enduro Factory and RR Motard Track top range have special components and top performances for those who love speed and a way to distinguish. Smart instead the Standard versions, both Enduro and Supermotard, thanks to more traditional components. They will be offered with a very interesting quality/price balance.

New features and benefits

  • Upside down front fork Ø 41 mm
  • Black anodised aluminium rims, with spokes and hubs with diamond finishing.
  • New Metzeler 6 Days Extreme pneumatics: 110/80-18 rear and 80/90-21 front. The new measures ensure an increase of manoeuvrability; whereas the new mix/design ensures a great grip together with excellent stability skills when braking and tear-resistance.
  • New wave brake disks (Ø 260 mm front and Ø 220 mm rear) together with floating brake pliers, at the front with dual piston, ensure high braking capacity and stable performances. The front brake lever with adjustment register for an accurate tune-up completes the package.
  • New aluminium forged rear brake lever, with reduced weight and excellent stiffness features.
  • New aluminium swingarm with Ø 65 mm section. The new design of the rod ensures great robustness features with a contained weight.
  • The rear axle is completed by a single shock absorber with separate tank, which compression/extension is adjustable. The rear axle is also connected to an aluminium leverage system to ensure an increasing operation.
  • New high-resistant steel chassis with elliptical uprights, square tubes and box structure on the steerer. The frame of the new RR Enduro 50 allowed to improve the already existing manoeuvrability and stability skills when driving.
  • New exhaust system with passage on the right side.
  • Aluminium ring gear with 51 teeth.
  • Unified system with a single ignition key, steering lock and access to the tank.
  • The dual radiator allows a better heat dissipation for racing use and constant efficiency.
  • Removal of the automatic mixer and relative tank for better containing the weight and reducing mechanical losses.
  • Removal of the rotary countershaft: allows to reduce masses and improve performances
  • New design of the gear lever, created for aluminium moulding. Improves its activation function and accuracy.
  • Black motor crankcase: a further aggressive touch to a bike, which is already "racing" in its contents.
  • New design of the tank, plastic superstructures and seats. Aesthetic impact is not the only feature that improved. Handling and functionality of the bike facilitate movements on the driving seat and also the enduro driving.
  • Led rear tail lamp. Compact and of great impact.
  • Modifications applied on the steerer geometry together with the pitch increase allowed designers to meet the proverbial manoeuvrability of RR “fifties” with a higher stability, optimising the stand-up drive. Today the feeling is to drive a real motor, in every aspect!
  • Aluminium handlebar with support
  • Large footrests. Essential for driving off-road, they allow a more effective stand-up drive and also to increase the grip.
  • Factory graphics deriving directly from those competitions and bicolour seats, which is now made harder for racing use.
  • 3D texture stickers for an exclusive look and simplified cleaning.
  • Integrated pillion handle to provide a “clean” design.
  • Tank with greater capacity (6.5 l) to ensure a higher autonomy (about 180 km).