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World Enduro Championship 2016 - France


Our British rider Steve Holcombe gave on Saturday the first Worldwide Title, class E3, to Betamotor.

In Cahors, a town site in the Midi-Pyrenees region, was raced the GP of France that marked the end of the World Enduro Championship weblog 2016 and with the victory on Saturday Steve Holcombe was gradueted Champion of the World for the first time in the E3 class. Stored the celebretions our English rider has raced the day of Sunday defending the final podium in the Enduro GP and over to the worldwide title Steve Holcombe has brilliantly ended his season with a third place in the prestigious Enduro GP.

This extraordinary season gives to Beta also the Title of Manufactures World Champion of E3 class and, above all, of prestigious EnduroGP class.

The Beta Factory Team has also celebrated the Worldwide Title of ViceChampion won again in E3 by Johnny Aubert. The Frenchman arrived in Cahors with an injured shoulder and throughout the day on Saturday he gritted his teeth to achieve it.

Even our Italian rider Alex Salvini arrived in France bruised and painful to his shoulder. The end result was a fifth place in the E2 class. For him there is still a season goal to reach: the victory in E2 in the Absolute at the Assoluti d’Italia di Enduro that will be raced this weekend.


“I’m happy for the Worldwide Victory and sincerely thank the entire team for support. Yesterday everything went well, victory in the E3 class and winning of the Worldwide Title. Today, however, I tried to keep the second position in the Enduro GP with all my strength, but I did not succeed”.


"Unfortunately, the shoulder injury three weeks before the French GP has affected my performance. My goal was anyway to conquer the second final place and help the team and Steve to win the title of E3. Today, however, I did not start because shortly we will depart for the United States of America and we will take off to two races of GNCC with the goal to do well”.


"I was expecting a difficult weekend and it did. At one month from injury and with only a couple of training days with my bike here in Cahors I suffered on Sunday. Too bad for the zero in Sweden and a bad Day One in Fabriano because the third place was to my course”.